Stage show


The Fabulous Shaker Boys offer a very special highlight presenting their international cocktail show.

A pacy special mix consisting of artistry, juggling, action, comedy, magic effects, fire and ice promises a spectacular experience. This all makes the cocktail show so popular and unique - accompanied by music that blows your mind.

After the show the Shaker Boys offer their great variety of skills and expertise around the bar.

They fill their guests with enthusiasm by mixing heavenly cocktails, presenting sophisticated close-ups, tricks, gags and several show acts - using interactivity and last not least they fascinate everybody with their charming bar service.

The cocktail show is flexible in use – solely as a stage show or cocktail show in front of the bar.

Maybe you only want several entertainment interludes behind the bar or in a lot of other combinations, connected with additional entertainment, like we offer them under

The Shaker Boys offer different mobile bars and one media bar, which can also be adapted on-topic. There are outstanding ice bars as well.

We speak German, English, Swedish, Norwegian and some French.

Through this service offer, references of companies all over the world, participation in TV shows, their various abilities, their charm and their enormous passion regarding their assignment the Shaker Boys are to be found at a lot of high-class events, trade fairs, congresses and incentives all over the world.