Cocktail show with the Shaker Boys on trade fairs

Sekt glass

The Fabulous Shaker Boys fascinate with sensational entertainment on trade fairs all over the world, realized as show acts and fair highlights.

As their cocktail show makes them an absolute crowd puller they draw the masses’ attention towards your stand.

At the bar we offer a welcome break for stressed fair visitors as well as a nice frame for relaxed and successful communication.

Furthermore the Shaker Boys take care for a good mood. According to the situation they achieve that by various entertainment interludes or stylishly charming bar entertainment.

And there is that very special give-away – the refreshing cocktail for the further well-being of your guests. It goes without saying that the cocktail can be in on-topic or has your corporate colours for representing your company appropriately.

The Fabulous Shaker Boys are bar artists and entertainers who do not only convince you by their show but also fill your audience with enthusiasm by juggling, sophisticated close-ups, magic, comedy, tricks and gags, various entertainment interludes and interactivity behind the bar.

Flair bartending and throwing bottles while mixing the delicious cocktails for your guests are all but a matter of fact.

Through this service offer, their references from leading companies worldwide, participation in TV shows as well as press comments they severely distinguish themselves from conventional flair bartenders.

Blue cocktail